Our story

Our story

The history of Progép-Goldex Ltd. dates back to 1995, when we started to deal with the company’s activities and to get acquainted not only with the distribution of baking and pastry machines, but also with their servicing.


It took a few years, however, before we were able to establish our 100% Hungarian, family-owned business with complete confidence in 2003.

We are immensely proud that we have grown into a second generation, economically stable and reliable company over the past two decades. Our commitment to the baking and confectionery profession is constant and unbreakable, and the profession rewards us with its trust. 

Our aim is to offer solutions for the widest possible spectrum of gastronomic businesses, whether it is an artisan bakery or a large-scale automated bakery.

Whether you need a high-quality, new or used machine with a long service life, or you are looking for relevant assistance with commissioning, installation and servicing, you can count on our expertise. We have many satisfied customers and more than 25 years of experience behind us, which is only complemented and strengthened by continuous professional training!

We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams!