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    Kenyérgyártás ipari és kézműves megoldások

About us

Our history

Our company is a distributor of baking, pastry and gastronomic machinery and related service and repair of these machines.

The primary task of our company is to serve bakeries, confectioneries, hotels, commercial kitchens, catering industry with reliable machines and equipment of high technical and technological standard, which are well known to domestic professionals, products of leading manufacturers.



Premium baking machinery

Péksütemény gyártás Progép Goldex Kft.

We sell new, used and reconditioned machines and equipment with reliable, long life, low service and wear parts requirements, and mature construction. Our product range covers the machinery needs of all baking process industries, from the smallest artisan bakeries to large automated industrial plants.

Purchase of the machines and equipment of your choice, after-sales service, ongoing contact, commissioning, installation, servicing and spare parts supply for used machines or machines arriving via individual imports.

Our products

Used and reconditioned machinery
available immediately

On their website you will also find refurbished second-hand baking machines. Second hand Miwe Aero oven, Diosna spiral dough mixer, Volumetric dough dividing machine, Starmix whisk – mixer – kneader, Tortilla press, Comtec pie press and Miwe Roll in electric rotary oven.

Have a look around our range and if you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Work with the best used baking machines! Get it here at affordable prices!


With whom we already work together

As an entrepreneur of 32 years, I have been following the approach of Hungarian family-owned businesses as closely as possible. I know what the year-to-year hardships in this capitalist market economy mean. It is a particular pleasure for me when I have the opportunity to work with Hungarian-owned businesses that have successfully passed on the family business from father to son. I have similar goals as your father has already achieved. I am confident that, as the years go by, those around me will think of my three sons in the same way as I do of you. I wish us all continued success in business together.

Progép-Goldex Ltd., as a platinum sponsor of the Hungarian Confectioners’ Association, has generously supported the equipping of our workshop with its state-of-the-art confectionery equipment. The MIWE Econo Black Edition air-mixing oven and proofing cabinet, INOMAK freezers and refrigerators, Afinox FASTER shocker, Silanos industrial dishwasher and Rondo dough mixer are used by all our pastry colleagues with great satisfaction in our training courses.

Friendly service staff who will also bring down the stars in case of a technical fault. Fast and correct ordering of spare parts, with helpful staff. By far the most reliable service and car dealer in Hungary!


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